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“Giroparchi” orange itinerary

“Giroparchi” orange itinerary

This is a circular itinerary that centres on the Park’s emblem mountain, and departs from Chevrère di Champdepraz.

Tour du Mont-Avic. Having passed the Scots Pine forest after Veulla, the Pra Oursie agritourism facility is reached where an equipped observation point has been set up. The trail then continues to Fie through a mixed conifer wood and then rises to Col Varotta among large stony grounds and sections of moorland and alpine grassland. The descent to the Ponton alpine pasture farm (Chambave) provides a view of the rugged north side of the mountain. Then go up a steep gully (EE trail for expert hikers) to Colle di Bellalana and continue through the small and large Bellalana valleys (Fénis) in sequence. The trail then climbs up to Colle di Raye Chevrère again reaching the borders of the Park. From here you go down to Lac Gelé, where the eponymous mining site (iron mines) can be seen. At Lac Gelé you can choose two options: the first descends the steep valley in an easterly direction to the upper edge of the wood, where you take a path on the left returning to Pra Oursie that allows you to visit the mining site of Barma de Rova (exploratory mine and millstone quarry). The second option runs alongside Lac Gelé, goes up to the crest between Champdepraz and Fénis, and then descends to Gran Lac. From here it follows again the route of the red itinerary up to Chevrère, passing by the Barbustel Refuge and Servaz alpine meadow.

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